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Leeann 李妍


Height: 5'7"

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Dark


Training:  Shanxi Dance Academy, Shanxi, China.




Anna Netrebko - O mio Babbino Caro - Anna Netrebko

Ravel's Bolero, 2015年5月剧照

Thanks to Dr. Hong Zhao for the great works of six scripts of Chinese character "DANCE" - the evolution of Chinese writing history over the past 5,000 years. 
My Bio

Ms. Yanshu Li started professional dance training when she was five years old. By age twelve, she was awarded Excellence of Dancer in the province. She received the prestigious award for National Excellence of Dancer when she was only fifteen. Ms. Yanshu Li was a Silver Gold Winner of State Professional Dance Competition and Silver winner of National Level Competition in the People’s Republic of China.


She was the VP of De Art and Dance Institute in Shanxi Province, China as well as taught Chinese Folk Dance courses for six years. Many of her students have been admitted to China’s national level professional dance schools. For her creation and choreography of Chinese folk dances, she was awarded by the state Professional Dance Association in China. Ms. Yanshu Li also used to serves the Confucius Institute of Pfeiffer University, taught Chinese Folk dance course at Waddell Language Academy. 


Currently, she is the choreographer at Phenix Dance Group, CEO of Bryce Reagan Co., Limited, Hong Kong, China, as well as Globle Learning Coordinator, China Studies Institute, NC, USA.

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